St. Heliers and Karangahape Road

Hello Everyone!

We had a lovely weekend here in Auckland. On Saturday we took the opportunity to go to St. Heliers and Mission Bay to enjoy the beautiful beaches and nice shops. We had gorgeous sunny weather so it was perfect for the beach! The area is about 30 minutes or so from our house. The neighborhood is extremely rich so it was fun to see all the houses (more like mansions) as we scoped out the area along the beach. We had a little snack at a cafe when we got there. We each got a sausage roll, a common New Zealand snack. It’s basically a sausage mixture (kind of a similar taste to meat loaf) wrapped inside a croissant/ pastry-like shell. They are served hot with ketchup on the side. We have come to enjoy them. They are a nice thing to get when you’re out and about.  After our snack we spent some time relaxing on the beach, watching all the paddle boarders and even a few sail boats. We walked all along the coast line making it all the way up to Mission Bay where it was hoppin’! There were TONS of people on the beach. We checked out lots of shops then found a nice second story patio to grab a drink and take in the ocean views! It was a great afternoon.

From the beach we came back to our part of town and went out for a Japanese dinner. Not as fancy as our last meal, but it was still really good! All in all it turned out to be a pretty great Saturday!

On Sunday we went to yoga in the morning. It was a normal yoga session, no games or props like last time! Then we went to the market to get our produce for the week. It was really busy during the time we went and a little stressful maneuvering through all the people. You kind of have to fight your way into some of the food stands… it’s a little intense. Luckily all those years of black friday shopping with mom and Jen have made me a pro at weaseling my way into crowded spaces and throwing up a few elbows while I’m at it! We got everything we wanted with the exception of a pineapple. Last time we got the BEST pineapple ever… no such luck this time.

From the Market we went to Karangahape Road (pronounced car-inga-hop-ie), also known as ‘K’ road… a little easier to pronounce! It’s a long, busy street that runs from Ponsonby (where we live) right into the city center. It has a lot of second hand clothing stores and some interesting cafes. It was fun to look around and do a little window shopping. We relaxed at a cafe for a bit. I got some coffee and Dylan enjoyed a pot of tea. We also shared a breakfast burrito, not like the ones we make at home but it was still good. After K road we finished our grocery shopping and made a great chicken kebab dinner!

Our drive into St. Heliers… I was so excited to go through all the shops and then see the ocean and palm trees at the end of the road!!

I just never get tired of seeing these everywhere! 🙂

Yes… that is a house!

Stopping to take in the views on our walk to Mission Bay

Yes… i’m wearing a hat! I know you think i’m crazy but i’m just like my grandma Gin… I hate cold wind in my ears! And yes… the wind was cool coming off the water!

Busy Mission Bay Beach!








2 thoughts on “St. Heliers and Karangahape Road

    • I know!! It gives me a headache when my ears get too cold… it’s hateful! Glad you’re enjoying the pictures… I will try and get more up soon!

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